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Mar 9, 2013 7:00am PST
-- >> the winner of kenya's presidential election has been announced, but his rival insists he is not giving up. a court verdict triggers anger across egypt. the police club and federation building are set on fire. the taliban carries out an attack in kabul to coincide with the visit of chuck hagel. and you've heard of dance shoes, but how about gps shoes? nyatta has narrowly won kenya's election. it was announced on saturday that the deputy prime minister took just over 50% of the voting. doing so, he avoid a runoff -- avoided a runoff against his nearest rival. headquarters of the opposition party. is he expected to speak shortly and announce his intentions? he has not conceded yet. >> we are waiting here for the prime minister to or arrive and basically tell the country what he is going to do next, if he is going to can see or if he will take this to the next step and take it to the supreme court. there's been a lot of speculation, particularly coming from those close to him that he will take the decision to court, that he will present evidence that he believes will change the results and tu
Mar 10, 2013 2:00pm PDT
quote on the tickets, election 2016. >>> and that ban on sugary soda goes into effect this week in new york. so why are customers getting new rules for their coffee? >>> plus, the centerfold versus
Mar 9, 2013 2:30pm PST
of the election. his challenger will not can see. in addition court's decision for a decision down. it's part of violence. germany's free reader, can he turn this terrible opinion poll rating around here and. kenya is facing political uncertainty with the fact kenyatta has beat odinga. only just managed to clinch it. >> 6 million. he has this more than 50. no sooner had the results been announced since the. a group of u.n. peacekeepers captured by syrian rebels has crossed the bored to jordan. parted of the disputed golan heights is under the control of a u.n. mandate to enforce the israeli cease-fire. > former south african president nelson mandela has been admitted to hospital for what are being called routine tests. he spent three weeks in hospital in december after developing a lung infection. at least 19 people have been killed in two suicide attacks in afghanistan. one -- two policemen and an aide worker were among those killed the and nine people were killed outside the ministry of defense in kabul. the spokesman said he wanted to end a message to defense secretary chuck hagel, making
Mar 16, 2013 5:00pm EDT
hold the house of representatives, they are up for election every two years. the reason we don't have the senate because republicans keep screwing up. i can think of 10 senate seats that with pissed away from narcissism, greed, or stupidity. [applause] show me one example in the last 10 year where is the democrats gave up a winnable seat. no, that hasn't happened. passion is great but in politics scoring is all that counts. we can't anticipate every candidate's mistake but we can stop encouraging our candidates to show off for the base by taking positions that are not our positions. it is no the position of the national rifle committee that a woman should be forced to carry the baby of her rapist. i think our position is -- no, absolutely exception for rape and incest. now let's talk about the other 99% of abortion. [applause] hey, where did all the democrats go? i think our position is also, et's talk about locking up the rapist and not giving him a right to vote like the democrats want to. [applause] but on the basis of this one bobe headed statement by tadd aiken in missouri, democ
Mar 11, 2013 6:00pm PDT
, his term is ending soon. they have an election scheduled for april of next year. he feels that he will be a lame duck president. therefore, also his calculations personally are that the united states has larger plans and would like to stay in afghanistan and the region. he would like to be seen as the man who is pushing america out or defending the afghan interests. >> woodruff: ambassador james dobbins, this idea that the u.s. would be wanting to stay longer in afghanistan, is there any truth to that? >> there is some truth but i think karzai exaggerates the degree to which the united states is committed and wants to stay in afghanistan. i mean clearly if we had no role in afghanistan, we would have no way of coping with al qaeda either in pakistan or afghanistan. all of the attacks on al qaeda in pakistan a today are conducted from afghanistan. so we have an interest in retaining some role. we see a very modest, small role for the united states. karzai, i think, has an exaggerated sense of how important this is and how large a role we have. but there's a kernel of truth there. >
Mar 16, 2013 7:00am PDT
>> refusing to go quietly, there's a legal challenge against the election results. >> hello there. you're watching al-jazeera live from doha. also ahead -- zimbabwe votes on a draft constitution ahead of new elections. a church for the poor, pope francis focuses on the underprivileged in his first eeting with the media. and biblical plague or good enough to eat? israel's jews try to figure out if swarms of locusts are kosher. >> officially challenge after last week's election results. odinga has refused to accept that kenyatta won the presidential poll. we go across live to the phone from the capital, nairobi. talk us through the challenge that raila odinga has submitted. >> we've been waiting for the selection petition to come through, and it was very close o the deadline when it did, so it was a petition basically saying that the i.b.c. had failed to hold a fair and free election and were criminally negligent. now, odina has said he's not challenging the decision that can be determined the president. what he's saying is that this is an actual battle which is the hidden struggle
Mar 10, 2013 8:00pm EDT
as save it services this is the of shortening the election time to three weeks or workers to decide in 18 days and the gerrymander micro bargaining units will exclude employees who do not favor the decision to unionize. but not just at the borden level but with campaigns they moved to to pressure an employer rather than persuading the employees. this is not just be but the words of union organizers the former secretary-treasurer of the united food commercial workers 1951 he says who do you really need to convince the vintages of the union? employees or employers? with the nlrb putting enough pressure on employers time energy and money to get them to surrender to the union this is called the pressure campaign. idle believe we have the luxury hoping to employees come knocking on our door looking for a solution. if that is the lifeblood that we have to create our own reality that means focusing on nonunion employers. and making them pay. but to wage economic war is it might turn the employees against union. if you have massive support you to have a traditional campaign. the advantages overwh
Mar 14, 2013 5:30am PDT
yesterday after he was elected. theuesday, it should be official inauguration of the pope. that is usually a mass attended by many world leaders. he receives the ring with which he will seal everything. it is the ring that each pope gets once he is elected. and it gets destroyed after the -- ors demised or he cut he resigns. the vatican is happy to have a new pope and for the holiest week in the catholic faith -- have a new pope before the holiest week in the catholic faith. >> is he the right person for this? there is certainly a lot of hope. there are a lot of people who will tell you that he was elected and it indicates the church is going to seriously tackle all these issues of the sex scandal, but also the very much needed reforms. he is an outsider when it comes to the vatican. the central government of the vatican has always been quite opec. opaque-- he is considered a man of the poor. he used to take the public bus to go to work. there is a lot of hope pinned on him. >> thank you very much. israel has a new coalition government. hardy has reached an agreement with yesh atid. let's
Mar 13, 2013 2:30pm PDT
-- it is the same amount of time approximately that it took to elect the previous pope. it's not extraordinarily fast. it only surprise many of us because there was no favorite. therefore, there was a great deal of speculation about the cardinals being divided and therefore taking a long time, having to choose a compromise candidate. now it would appear that because of the time span, they did not choose a compromise candidate. my analysis would be that they decided fairly early on somebody who had a simple majority. in the papal election, benedict xvi revised that to make sure the new pope had very widespread support throughout the world. he reintroduced the old condition that the pope has to achieve at least a 2/3 majority. in this case, 78 votes is a minimum out of 112. that is 2/3, plus one. because 112 is not divisible by 3. it would be extraordinary if the pope had only achieved it by 78 votes. he probably had even more. that indicates to me that, as i said, if it is not a compromise candidate, it is somebody who the cardinals, a considerable number of the cardinals decided very, very early
Mar 14, 2013 1:00am PDT
remaining unknown of the presidential election cycle we just had. the romney fund-raiser scott prouty was talking about what where mitt romney made the infamous remarks that shook the campaign to the core. it affected the course of the whole election. >> there are 47% of the people who will vote for the president no matter what. 47% with him who are dependent upon government who believe they are victims who believe they are entitled to health care, to food, to housing, you name it. my job is not to worry about those people. i'll never convince them that they should take personal responsible. >> before tonight, we did not know how we got that tape or the identity of the person who made the recording. it was a man named scott prouty, who was bar tending at that event. we did not know his motivation. we didn't know why he did what he did or whether he acted alone. now we know all of those things and what he thinks today of his actions. tonight on the ed schultz show, we learned he is a registered independent. he was not politically active before this. he acted alone. he acted without mal
Mar 16, 2013 9:15am EDT
rights to a secret ballot election and become unionized. we also have with us to discus this issue diana furchtgott-roth from the man had an institute and chief economist of the departments of labor and chief of staff of president bush's council of economic advisers and rose brown, adjutant fellow at the competitive enterprise institute and vice president of the labor relations institute. >> thank you, james, for having me here, thank all of you for being here today. i want you to know this isn't something i ever envision happening or something that i ever wanted to do, to be traveling around the country talking about a topic like this. quite candidly i was put in this position by the nci you and put in this position because of their indiscriminate attack on my company, my employees, my customers and my familja i am going to tell you a little about that story and tell you a little about the background because i think the background is important to hear this and and to stand what is transpiring at what the unions called a coadvorate camps w in death by 1,000 cuts. when i came out of the
Mar 11, 2013 5:30pm PDT
there as defense secretary. >> ifill: then, we turn to kenya, where an election challenge raises fears of instability for a critical u.s. ally. >> woodruff: jeffrey brown looks at a question that's arisen just in the past few years: what happens to your e-mail, facebook page, online photos, and other digital memories when you die? . >> what we learned was that there is no federal agency that will help you access this. the laws have just not kept up with technology. >> ifill: and we close with the story of a japanese town hit hard by the nuclear disaster, where renewable energy could be the key to a better future. >> at 20 miles north, they were cut off from the rest of the world two years ago by radioactive plumes. not even aid trucks would come near. >> ifill: that's all ahead on tonight's newshour. >> major funding for the pbs newshour has been provided by: moving our economy for 160 years. bnsf, the engine that connects us. >> and by the alfred p. sloan foundation. supporting science, technology, and improved economic performance and financial literacy in the 21st century. >> and wi
Mar 13, 2013 12:00am PDT
elections to get big things done. thanks for being with us. the ed show starts right now. >>> good evening, americans and welcome to "the ed show." my favorite senator as a plan to protect the big three and a major announcement that will have america buzzing. this is the ed show. let's get to work. >> it is morally wrong and economically bad policy to balance the budget on the backs of those people who are already hurting. >> bernie sanders has had enough. he's threatening a filibuster on the grand bargain to protect the big three. >> greed, wreckless, uncontrollable greed. it's almost like a disease. >> tonight, bernie sanders brings us his democratic plan to protect the middle class. plus, there's a radical takeover of city government in america's heartland. james hoffa is outraged and here to react. the big soda ban debate heats up in new york city. >> 70,000 americans will die from obesity. 5,000 here in new york. >> the most obese state in the nation is not impressed and they're fighting back with loads of food. the big panel weighs in on the southern food fight and much more. ted cru
Mar 12, 2013 6:30pm PDT
to see but that means the cardinals have finished their first ballot and have failed to elect their pontiff. of course, they'll try again tomorrow. simon young is at the basilica for us. how long can we expect to see the puffs of black smoke and possibly white smoke going on? >> there's really no telling. conclaves in the past have dragged on for up to three years but you have to go back to the 13th century for that. in the last 100 years or so, the conclave has never lasted more than just a few days. last time in 2005 joseph ratzinger was elected after just four ballots on the second day. this time the analysis are saying there's no clear frontrunner in the way that rats raths ratzinger was. -- ratzinger was. this time around we're talking about four or five frontrunners. it might take a bit longer. having said this, this lockdown, if you will, does concentrate minds and many of the cardinals have said they want a quick decision. >> what do the hundreds of people think who have gathered there braving the cold? >> there's a huge sense of excitement. there have been hundreds of
Mar 15, 2013 8:00pm PDT
election victory and good numbers in the polls to pressure them to do things. he got some things out of that - a deal with the fiscal cliff negotiation, and also got them to back down on the debt limit. but approval ratings are down. retried to work with republican leaders. that isn't working. now he's going to the rank and file and the basic center of this deal, the grand bargain, is that he will convince democrats to cut entitlements if republicans agree to some revenue from taxes. the other drama are these official budgets that came out. they bear no resemblance to that other drama or to reality. they're essentially campaign documents for each side. the house republicans put out theirs and the senate democrats put out theirs. if it's a family budget it's like sitting down and saying you know, i'm going to get that promotion and we're not going to spend any money when we go out for dinner. these are all hopes and wonderful things but then bump into reality. gwen: if you go on our website you'll see a feature in which john talks about the president going to capitol hill for a charm
Mar 11, 2013 8:00pm EDT
the party gap. i see a big difference between democratic women increasing and increasing their election to office and republican women, as someone put it, flatlining. in some of the state legislatures that is not quite the case. if you look across the bottom you see that party gap where they are increasing in state legislatures. if you look ated sd, arizona, you see there is a strong republican presence. in washington, that is actually true, too. so this is a party change and the women elected to the washington state legislature for four sample years. 1973, 1983, and 2003. you will see that the party gap is actually closed a little bit in the washington state legislature. i picked washington mostly as a sample case. i have several other states i'm working on. that they consistently have a large number of women in their statehouse. so they are very interesting to the study. what difference does it make? very quickly i'm going to focus you on the contrast. these are the bills introduced in the same women's issues category. you can see in 1973, note the scale goes up to two, that there are
Mar 16, 2013 12:20pm EDT
to pack up and bubble wrap the nobel and high tops and head back to chicago. the election came and went but campaign never stopped. desperate fory is leadership we get instead a permanent campaign. leaders take risks for the good of our country. leaders reached across political differences. campaigners double down on those differences. leaders seek to bring americans together to confront our challenges. campaigners seek to divide and to conquer and to orchestrate crisis after crisis after crisis to exploit. mr. president, we admit it. you won. accept it. now step away from the teleprompter and do your job. [applause] the permanent political class is in permanent campaign mode. where do we go from here? one of my idols, margaret thatcher, offered this advice after her party lost at the poll -- she told a fellow conservative not to get lost in accounting. her advice to conservatives was to focus their concern on the people. she said, "look at every problem from the grass roots, not from the top looking down." she also cautioned conservatives not to go loudly on their believes. we can use
Mar 12, 2013 1:00am PDT
begin tonight with election day. you remember election day when democrats put their plan for taxes and their plan for spending up against the republican plan for taxes and the republican plan for spending? election day. the democrats said we should raise taxes on the wealthy and make targeted spending cuts. republicans said no new taxes at all and cut programs for the poor like medicaid and food stamps and housing system and so on. these were the competing approaches in 2012 on election day. barack obama and joe biden versus mitt romney and republican budget guru, paul ryan. president obama won on election day. he won with just over 51% of the vote. it wasn't a huge margin but significant and enough we do not have to stay up half the night waiting to results. you want to see the big winner on election day? the idea of raising taxes. on election day more said they should raise taxes than voted for barack obama. 60% said we should raise the revenue for the good of the country and 50% said we should make the rich pay more. another 13% said make everyone pay more. the no taxes, no way,
Mar 15, 2013 1:00am PDT
a couple of years ago, but between 2003 and 2007, he was the democratically elected president of argentina. his wife, christina, was his democratically elected successor. she was elected in 2007. while she was president, before he died, he went and served as a member of congress in his country. then in 2007, the year before she was up for reelection as president christina fernandez de kirchner picked a fight. her government sponsored a bill that gave gay people in argentina an equal right with straight people to marry, adopt children, inherit money just like first class citizenship. it was a proposed expansion of human rights in a country that a generation prior had famously, famously violated human rights on a grand scale. under a military dictatorship, an estimated 30,000 people were killed or sometimes just disappeared. there are still people in argentina who do not know what happened to friends and family in the 1970s. there are still people who are technically considered missing. and against the backdrop of that relatively recent massive human rights violation history, the very first
Mar 9, 2013 2:00pm PST
the winner of the election. the process is far from over . from took50.07% of the vote which is what you need to avoid a runoff. >> while some must inevitably lose, the citizens of the country never lose. in this election, every single vote matters. from this moment every boy's that contributes to the national dialogue will be had -- voice that contributes to the national dialogue will be had. our duty now is to return to our lives, to return to our jobs, to businesses, and to continue making the daily decisions that will transform this country. >> it will not be as simple as that. his main opponent is not accepting defeat because he has doubts about the way votes were counted. >> we will shut the move and challenge the outcome that they announced a few hours ago. we want to appeal to respect the rule of law and the constitution of which they are so proud. let the supreme court decide whether they will do this with a loved one. >> it has not gone down well in his hometown. they spoke out. batons were deployed in the western port city after protesters sthrew rocks and burned tires. anger in th
Mar 15, 2013 2:30pm PDT
. venezuela will hold an election to choose a successor to hugo chavez on april 15. a bbc team deming the members of the movement for democratic change were caught up in the -- a bbc team filming the members of the movement. our correspondent reports. >> zimbabwe is supposed to be on the mend. peaceful campaigning today for a new constitution supported by all major parties. elections were due to follow suit. but look how quickly the mood can change. "i will not allow you," she says. the attackers are supporters of president mugabe. the man they are beating now is planning to run for parliament .or the rival party this is how politics works on the ground here. 's supporters then turn on us. we are journalists! well, that was not pleasant. the crowds turned on us. it is a pretty stark reminder of the violence that comes to the surface here. people in zimbabwe long for peace. they long for democracy. they long for free and fair elections. but they continue to abuse the justbwean, as you have witnessed. justesident mugabe has turned in. runpproved, he could zimbabwe four more years. >> or
Mar 12, 2013 12:00am PDT
is the impact of his death and what will it mean to latin america, to the region? >> in venezuela their election schedule is for april 14. there is an opposition candidate who lost to chavez on october 7. manduro has the edge. the outpouring of grief has been remarkable and quite stunning. the opposition after two electoral feats is not in great shape. the odds are is that manduro will be elected. when the economic problems become more acute, that could be a recipe for some turmoil in -- and turbulence in venezuela down the road. i think a lot of people are wondering if the support that venezuela has provided them is going to continue. my sense is that it will continue. in the short term, the new government is not going to want to cut off abruptly the aid to all these countries. support to cuba will continue. over the long term given their economic problems, it will be hard to sustain the current level of support that venezuela has to many countries in the region. tavis: is this a new opportunity to write a new chapter in regard to venezuela-u.s. relations or is this business as usual? >> they g
Mar 12, 2013 6:00pm PDT
. he had been a congressman, first elected in 1946, then a senator elected first in 1952 and re-elected in 1958 and while he was a senator, in that year that he was running for re-election in 1958, john f. kennedy introduced this legislature. a bill to ban the importing into the united states of guns or ammunition manufactured for military purposes. now, the most popular weapon like that at the time looked like this. it's an italian rifle called a carkano. this was the most popular foreign firearm, originally manufactured for military purposes sold in the united states at the time kennedy introduced a bill that would have banned the sale of this gun. if you want to get a better look at this gun, here's another view. the man holding the rifle is in this photo is lee harvey oswalt who went on to kill john f kennedy with that gun in 1963. mr. oswald bought that gun by mail legally using a coupon he clipped out of the american rifleman magazine, the magazine of the nra f. he was able to buy that gun he used to kill the president because of the bill that jfk introduced that would have banned
Mar 12, 2013 6:00am PDT
those cuts. ryan and house republicans are matching forward as if the 2012 election didn't happen. his budget is a lot like his last two and doesn't seem to offer much room for compromise it tries to repeat affordable care act. it transz sitions medicare to a voucher or support program by 2024. ryan does eliminate tax loopholes and deductions but does not use those revenues to pay down the debt. instead, consolidating the tax coated into two tax brackets, 10% and 25%. his budget pushes approval of the keystone pipeline, raises the question as senate democrats prepare their own budget and president obama continues his charm offensive is ripe capable of cutting a deal, is this budget intended to start the covering? perhaps not. perhaps this is just for base republicans. ryan himself voted against simpson boles, hasn't reached across the other side when it comes to budget negotiation, not been one of those players, instead, in charge of staking out the house republican position. there any incentive for him to change this approach for now? well, today, tomorrow now, senate democrats will r
Mar 12, 2013 8:00am PDT
that the election is over. this was the key issues that he's talking about in his budget, that the american people have rejected. one of the things that you missed, he has an $800 billion savings. during the campaign, he and his candidate were knocking the heck out of obama for cutting medicare. guess what, he takes the $800 billion that's saved as a result of obama care and puts in his bug as a saving, even though he wants repeal obama care. >> is that why he's being ridiculed for this? >> he should not be ridiculed. it's a poor political posture. it has no impact at all on the economist. it's playing with numbers. but at the end of the day, the numbers can not lie. so under his own thinking, you don't need anyone to attack him. his numbers don't make sense. and so, what he is doing is saying, the campaign is not over. we didn't like obama care when it started, and we still have going to repeal it. doesn't he understand, after all of those years in the congress, to repeal a bill that first you have to get both houses to vote to repeal it. then it goes to the white house. and then you need two-thi
Mar 12, 2013 9:00am PDT
elections but not so much this time, john. >> that beautiful word, so difficult to say. >> you're getting there, chris. >> do the plural? >> you taught me. that's why i know. and now, the cardinals are continuing to queue up for this in a rotation, obviously too many for a single line. and they have gone in order from the oldest or the longest cardinal from the youngest or the newest. once that is done we will then have the moment where it becomes all about them. right now they know not only are they on television but they have literally the eyes of the catholic world upon them. interestingly we've been talking about how they all come from different countries, maybe 50 represented among the 115 cardinals who are electors which they are united 48 countries we believe they represent. they are united in their purpose and faith. but it's also a window into their not knowing each other. being from literally different worlds in some cases, right. >> that's true. one thing of being a cardinal it typically means that you come to rome quite often, take parts in events here, vatican events, most of
Mar 14, 2013 3:00pm PDT
, north carolinan. wal-mart hit the road. anti-wal-mart candidates sweep the helotes, texas, election. another trip down the long and dusty for wal-mart in biloxi, mississippi. when you have a group of people, a small group of people, who don't want you in the community, does that mean you're not gonna go there? thornton, colorado, defeated wal-mart. wal-mart beaten... wal-mart loses to plainfield, illinois. las vegas, nevada, defeated wal-mart. victory in maine... when you have a group of people, a small group of people, who don't want you... don't want you in the community... wal-mart loses to charlevoix michigan. neighborhood fights off proposed wal-mart store. wal-mart beaten. wal-mart loses to chicago, illinois. wal-mart zoned off from flagstaff, arizona. arlington, texas, rejects wal-mart. victory in colchester, connecticut. success. centerville, utah. victory. harrison, new jersey. an anti-wal-mart slate was elected to city council in deptford, new jersey. voters rejected wal-mart in lebanon, pennsylvania. the wal-mart man? defeated... in glendora, california.
Mar 14, 2013 8:00am PDT
close election. we know that there were a lot of other things besides just the spending issue that was an issue this election. we can spend a lot of time talking about a postmortem on that election. but on this issue, balancing our budget and living within our means, we know clearly that the american people believe that republicans are more likely to do that than the democrats are. obviously -- >> one thing i wanted to bring in -- >> that is so. >> congresswoman, about cpac, i mentioned you're going to be speaking there tomorrow. the list of speakers, not a lot of new faces. mitt romney, donald trump, sarah palin, among those speaking. does this get more clout to those who would say the conservatives didn't learn lessons from november and trodding out old achilles heels to be the face of the republican party party? >> you see tim scott, marco rubio, these are new young faces on the scene of the conservative march. i think you do see new faces. this is an opportunity for us to focus on what unites us. i'm really excited about being there. this is my first time therement i'm goi
Mar 10, 2013 2:30pm PDT
-- this is a wonderful battle. >> only time will show if they are a dream team. they are entering election season as the underdogs. >> the falkland islanda r are hosting a referendum about if they will remain a british territory. 3,000 are registered and expected to stay with britain. argentina claims the islands are its territory and won't accept the outcome of the vote. >> the falkland islands are home to countless penguisn and humans.nd less than 3,000 they are from scottland and wales, and the island belongs to britain. but argentina doesn't accept that and see the inahbitants as colonists. they say the native population was pushed out and replaced with settlers. argentina argues britain has no right to the islands and says geography is on its side. the distance is 1400 kilometers, and they are 400 kilometers from argentina. in 1952 they failed to take back the islands by force. 6500 argentinians and 250 british were killed in the war. britain has promised to protect the inhabitants but argentina says they will save the island. oil and gas have been found and britain and argentina want to pro
FOX News
Mar 13, 2013 4:00pm PDT
on the election of pope francis. >> shepard: and by all accounts it's a ground breaking choice. a man who takes the bus and cooks his own food is now the leader of the world's 1 billion plus catholics. [cheers] cardinal the 76-year-old from argentina who has decided to call himself pope francis. analysts say is he a fierce opponent of abortion, same sex marriage and once said letting gay couples adopt children would be discrimination against children. he is the first pope from north or south america. he talked about that in his first comment as head of the catholic church. >> the duty of the conclave was to give rome a bishop. it looks like my brothers, the cardinals went to find him at the end of the world almost. >> shepard: then he did something that the analysts say shows he plans to be a humble pope, a man of the people. before giving his blessing to the crowd, he asked the crowd to bless him. >> so, let's remain silent for this prayer from you for me. >> shepard: when he bent down before the faithful, rome went absolutely silent as a people prayed for their new pope. one analyst says choo
Mar 12, 2013 8:00pm PDT
for national republican candidates that can actually win a national election. sure, it might get them the republican party nomination, might win them iowa, new hampshire, any of the republican primaries, but when it comes to winning the big house, when it comes to winning the white house, impossible. impossible. >> and look, i don't think there's anything wrong with having fun at these kinds of things. >> sure. >> and if you really sat down with the cpac team and said how do we construct the most serious version of this event we can have in which we are really trying to figure out how to go forward as a party, who would you put up there, jonathan, who would you say are the top three to hear from. >> that's easy. chris christie. >> he's banned. they're not going to hear a word from him. >> you said if you wanted to have it be a serious version of cpac, chris christie, bobby jindal, scott walker, even paul ryan with his unserious budget, but at least he's in congress with responsibility and putting himself on the line, even if it is bad ideas, but he's putting himself on the line with i
Mar 12, 2013 8:00am PDT
of the pontiff elective, they did thought forget the pope that just stepped down. >> translator: such an interior attitude is ours today as we wish to offer ourselves to the father in heaven to thank him for the holy existence that he reserves in the holy church and in particular the holy pontificate that he has for us. the venerable pope benedict xvi to whom we renew in this minute all of our gratitude. >> the very next big event comes 30 minutes from now, give or take. the cardinals will line up least senior to most senior. they will all process into the chapel to take their vows of secrecy. at that point, everyone else is kicked out. the doors are officially locked and the conclave begins. my colleague chris cuomo is as close to that process as anyone can get. he joins us live. chris, it's likely, but technically, we could have a pope today. so officially, when does chimney watch begin? >> it begins as soon as the door closes and votes begin. no question about that. there's a very heavy expectation that tonight's vote is more a familiarity. an introduction to it. and it will become much more i
Mar 11, 2013 3:00pm PDT
trying to think in some way, any way to rebrand after getting crushed in the election. and now we have their big solution. meet the new ryan budget. it's just like the old one. just worse. more cuts for the poor and the middle class. more v.i.p. treatment for the rich, so much for that big gop change of heart. here's a news flash for congressman ryan. you lost the election. americans rejected your priorities and just to be sure i'm not imagining all of this, we pulled the table of election night. >> i have just called president obama to congratulate him on his victory. his supporters and his campaign also deserve congratulations. >> that's your running mate conceding the election and that's you right there. we put an arrow on the tape so you wouldn't miss yourself. there's you giving a nice big hug to the second place winner on your ticket. see, you knew i wasn't making it up and yet that night must not have sunk in because in his latest budget, wrong ray ryan calls for repealing the president's health care law again. >> are you saying that as part of your budget you would repeal, you
Mar 15, 2013 12:00pm EDT
about that. we've had a tough election last november and it's perfectly appropriate to study what happened. there are a lot of lessons to be learned and ideas to look at. but i bet you're like me. i'm a little tired of the hand-wringing. conservatives were never meant to be part of the crybaby caucus. i know folks have a lot of opinions about what happened in november but seriously, how many conferences, and lunch panels do we really need to have about it? i'm starting to wonder if the caterers union is behind it. [laughter] back home in kentucky parents have a way of teaching their kids how to deal with adversity. if you get your tail whipped, you don't whine it. you don't look for somebody to blame. you stand up and punch back. [applause] if you hadn't noticed the folks who won last year's election didn't waste a whole lot of time on a victory lap. they got right back at it. these guys are well-organized, they're well-financed. they're ruthless, and if you don't put this election behind us soon, they're going to eat our lunch again. so let me just add my voice to the post-electi
Mar 11, 2013 1:00pm PDT
and his mate mitt romney are about to win the presidential election. >> our businesses have created jobs every month for three years straight. nearly 6.4 million new jobs in all. >> we'd say we'd get rid of obama care and apply the savings to medicare. >> get rid of obama care. get rid of obama care. get rid of obama care. we're going to get rid of this medicare by repealing obama care. stop picking winners and losers. winners and losers. stop picking winners and losers. >> are you saying as part of your budget you would assume the repeal of obama care? >> yes. >> that's not going to happen. >> we need our democrat colleagues to get serious. get serious. get serious. get serious. >> surely you can't be serious. >> yes. our budget does promote repealing obama care. >> surely you can't be serious. >> i want to explore the question as to whether there's the basis for a compromise here. i have to say, i don't hear it so far. >> i am serious. and don't call me shirley. >>> we begin with the battle of the budgets with blueprints in both parties out this week setting tax and spending targets fo
Comedy Central
Mar 11, 2013 10:30am PDT
is coming up with some type of autopsy of the last election. >> you've got to do a full autopsy. >> stephen: yes, a full autopsy. which is also the republican alternative to obamacare. [laughter] to plot their path back to power, the gop recently held a three-day conference in williamsburg, virginia, which is the perfect location, because the republican platform also re-enacts the 18th century. [laughter] they say they went there for a little self-reflection exactly what men inspired by ayn rand need-- more time thinking about themselves. [laughter] they also reached out to voters, with a web-survey asking how they can improve their messaging. and a computerized web survey is the perfect way to hear from republicans' core constituency of the extremely old. latch laugh the number one suggestion was, "hello? hello? how does this thing make toast?" [laughter] [cheers and applause] and after that, the gop crunched the numbers and figured out what they need to change about their views toward women, immigration, and tax cuts for the rich. and the answer was-- i have it "nothing." it's a blank she
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